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Includes all learning institutions (e.g. elementary, middle and high schools, whether private, public, or parochial) for grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.


Annual Goals and Objectives

Area of Focus: Nutrition

  • Use employee, parent, and student input to survey and improve nutritional offerings at school and educate students on healthful choices and benefits of healthy eating.


Area of Focus: Physical Activity

  • Increase physical activity time in grades K – 12 and create consistency across buildings in school corporations and across school corporations (both public and private) in the community.


Community Action Plan Update

  • Currently working on Coordinated School Health Plans; working to communicate through social media about health and wellness needs.
  • RBB: In the month of March 2015, the CHAMPPS team (Coordinated Health Advisory Members providing Positive Solutions) will continue the collaborative work on its coordinated school health plan at its March 10th meeting. Also the new cardio center is up and running at Edgewood High School and is open daily from 3:00-5:00pm for faculty to use (or during the day when not in use by students).
  • MCCSC: MCCSC Food Services is starting Meatless Mondays after Spring Break.
  • Lisa Petcher, the Coordinated School Health Manager, was hired.



Schools Assessment


The lowest scoring area of assessment was Chronic Disease Prevention. Overall most other areas were high, although assessment teams felt that in many cases policies were stronger than behaviors.


Telling Our Story


If your school has made a successful Policy, Systems, or Environmental health and wellness change, please email the success story to the ACHIEVE Assistant at jstacy@monroecountyymca.org so it can be recognized and shared with others!



ACHIEVE is a group of leaders across five sectors: Schools, Worksites, Organizations, Healthcare, and Community-at-Large. It is our mission to inspire and promote policies, practices, and collaborations to make the healthy choice the easy choice.


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