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Community Organizations


Includes entities within the community that provide specific human services; such as childcare settings, faith-based organizations, park and recreation agencies, and senior centers.


Annual Goals and Objectives

Area of Focus: Nutrition

  • Develop a resource library that reflects multiple avenues of information/ resource/support retrieval. Involve ACHIEVE CHART, ALC, community experts, internships, volunteer resources, website—with education, information, network opportunities.


Community Action Plan Update

  • The Wellness Toolkit is now available in parishes and on the website. To view it online, click here.


Community Organizations Assessment


The Assessment identified Nutrition and Leadership as being the highest areas of need. Oftentimes budget restraints and lack of manpower were cited as being obstacles toward making health and wellness improvements.


Community Health Assessment Data and Resources

This list is to help establish and develop mechanisms for information sharing across organizations and levels. By doing so, ACHIEVE will develop culture-centered communication strategies to publicize health and care services to the public, targeting specifically those who will benefit from the preventative health aspect. To submit data for the ACHIEVE website, the organization or business must select a category that the organization data falls under. These categories include: transportation, nutrition, physical activity, education, tobacco, obesity, children, chronic disease, health disparities and aging. All of these categories are related to prevention of disease and chronic disease management.


Telling Our Story


If your organization or institution has made a successful Policy, Systems, or Environmental health and wellness change, please email the success story to the ACHIEVE Assistant at jstacy@monroecountyymca.org so it can be recognized and shared with others!



ACHIEVE is a group of leaders across five sectors: Schools, Worksites, Organizations, Healthcare, and Community-at-Large. It is our mission to inspire and promote policies, practices, and collaborations to make the healthy choice the easy choice.


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