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This sector represents all residents of Bloomington / Monroe County and Includes community-wide efforts that impact the social and built environments; such as food access, walkability or bikeability, smoking bans, and personal safety.


Annual Goals and Objectives

Areas of Focus: Nutrition & Physical Activity

  • Collaborate with restaurants, health centers, fitness centers, and other community organizations and businesses to promote the benefits of the trails to the community.
  •  Add signage and infrastructure to the trails to promote fitness and healthy eating
  • Create an awareness campaign that showcases how the trail system connects and the community and connects all the elements of a healthy, active lifestyle.


Community Action Plan Update



Community Assessment


The CHANGE Tool Assessment identified the highest areas of need to be Nutrition and Tobacco Use.



Telling Our Story


If you know of a successful Policy, Systems, or Environmental health and wellness change made in our community, please email the success story to the ACHIEVE Assistant at jstacy@monroecountyymca.org so it can be recognized and shared with others!


  • Helping Implement meatless Mondays at MCCSC.


ACHIEVE is a group of leaders across five sectors: Schools, Worksites, Organizations, Healthcare, and Community-at-Large. It is our mission to inspire and promote policies, practices, and collaborations to make the healthy choice the easy choice.


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